Pure Results Extreme (PRX) is a facility that provides fitness options to health conscious consumers in Upper Manhattan. The brand has become synonymous with drastic lifestyle changes as well as being the only boutique fitness facility in the area.

PRX began as a grassroots fitness movement with its PRX14 program whereby members, over the course of 14 days, were trained to achieve drastic physical results. The program was developed by celebrity trainer Yusuf Myers who has been rated one of the top trainers in North America. He has been regularly featured in Issues of “Men’s Fitness Magazine” teaching America new exercises and how to work out to maximize results.

Since the inception of the original grassroots program, PRX has grown to offer a variety of classes and fitness programs that align with the current trend in America to quit bad habits that lead to unhealthy lifestyles. The facility in Upper Manhattan not only offers the famed PRX14 program, but it also includes cycling, hour-long classes, yoga, HIIT Training, Boxing and more.

The facility and its programs are available to anyone, no matter their fitness level or expertise with gym equipment. With a strong set of core trainers as well as visiting trainers that lend their knowledge to the facility, the Upper Manhattan PRX location has become a hub of lifestyle changes that has attracted consumers from all points of NYC and beyond.