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To be the global solution…
for the devastating obesity epidemic. Creating an environment that encourages, educates, and motivates clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. Our passion for fitness is fueled by our positive attitude and desire to exceed the expectations of our members and of each other. PRX members have embraced this non-intimidating atmosphere and went on to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. They’ve helped others by improving the health and fitness of its members, one person at a time 14 days at a time!


To have a group of elite trainers globally…
creating total life solutions for people that involve all aspects of living well, including health, wellness, weight loss, muscle building, and overall lifestyle by sharing a unique and inspiring philosophy that stresses the accountability, camaraderie of fitness, nutrition, and behavioral changes. PRX empowers people from all walks of life to define and reach their personal goals, both physical and psychological. PRX wants to break down the barriers in the fitness industry by creating affordable, friendly, state of the art facilities that welcome people of all fitness levels providing clients with personal training within a group setting. Our staff, as well as other participants, are here to help each person’s fitness journey be successful, enjoyable and fun.